Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get your offer?

In order to receive our offer you should send an enquiry including expected print specification: size, quantity, number of colours, paper enrichment and overview of the material for printing.

How do I make an order?

Please send an order including technical specification, quantity and the file for printing to our email address.

What is the maximum paper size for printing in your press?

The maximum size is 590/740 mm

What is the order realisation time for printing materials?

The production time depends on the complexity of a given order and the number of copies; we are able to produce the simplest materials within 48 hours from the moment of placing an order.

How do I prepare my files for printing?

Detailed specification for preparation and sending of files is provided in the "file preparation" tab.

What types of paper are used for production?

We match the type of paper to your expectation and the application. We usually use 4 types:

  • Offset paper – used in production of books, brochures, magazines, posters and packaging labels. The most common grammage of such paper is 90g - 150g.
  • Chalk overlay paper – paper coated with a thin layer of white mineral pigment and glue. It is characterised by greater ink holdout.
  • Decorative paper - a wide selection of commonly used decorative paper.
  • Cardboard – used in production of stiff materials, i.e. folders, calendars etc.

How do I receive printed materials?

Depending on the customer's needs , ready materials may be picked up personally in the printing house or delivered by a courier - additional delivery cost.