We use a water-based offset printing technique - it is an industrial type of flat printing, in which images are transferred from a flat printing plate to the printing surface through a plate cylinder covered with rubber. There are hydrophilic and hydrophobic spots on the printing plate which are moistened with water solution and ink respectively. There is repulsion between the water solution and offset ink - achieving balance between water and ink is important, so that water does not infiltrate to ink and vice versa. This is achieved by using right proportions of ink and water on the printing plate. The moistening solution consists in 85-95% of water.

Our machinery includes:

  • Manroland 305 –5 colour printing machine
  • Manroland 204 –4 colour printing machine
  • Horizon gathering and stapling line
  • Large format die
  • Large format SCHNEIDER SENATOR punching die

Furthermore we have a large, over 200 metres, warehouse area, our own bookbiding workshop and a packaging team.